Welcome to the Aquaculture Permit Counter

Getting Started

1. Contact State Aquaculture Coordinator

First, refer to the Permit Guide to Aquaculture in CA, linked above, to learn how various agencies are involved in permitting or regulating aquaculture in California.
After familiaring yourself with these agencies' roles, contact the California State Aquaculture Coordinator with an initial description of your project idea to ensure your project is ready for the permitting process and next steps.

2. Request a login

Once the Aquaculture Coordinator has designated your project ready for permitting, Register with the Department to create a username. Once you have activated your login, return to this page & log in at the top of the page to gain access to your project. 

3. Establish Project

Once you've registered for a login with the Department of Fish & Wildlife, use this form to provide information for your project file.

The Aquaculture Permitting Counter is a virtual submission and review portal designed to address the President's Executive Order, National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan, and California Assembly Joint Resolution 43 (2014) to improve permitting efficiency. The counter allows for submission, storage, comment tracking, and management of applications online.